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2023 – What’s in store for Ghost Enterprises?

Like so many, at Ghost Enterprises we closed 2022 with a huge sigh of relief, relief that we were able to complete a full year of work with minimal disruption and get back to running our business without the impending threat of lockdowns and other pandemic-related issues. I’m sure most businesses will agree, after the uncertainty of the past few years we were just hoping for a return to normal.

January 2022 saw the majority of workers back in offices and functioning as a team again, face-to-face meetings were held once more, and business events and exhibitions could finally go ahead. It felt like the whole country was turning a corner and finally putting the pandemic behind us.

We felt that fresh anticipation across not just our own business, but across the companies and organisations we work with too. Over the past year, we have been fortunate to witness some of our clients expand and add new layers to their business which in turn has allowed us to steadily grow our own. Last summer we added two new members to our technical support team, Paul Norton as IT manager and Josh Nicholls in the 1St Line Technical Support role.

At the start of January 2023 we welcomed Ash McKiernan to our team as our 3rd Line Support Technician and Hussein Ssuzi who has joined Josh Nicholls in 1st line support. These additions will enable us to expand on our service offering and strengthen our client support. In addition to the expansion of our technical support team, we have also created new roles under the operations side of the business with the introduction of a new office manager Amy Messer and a marketing lead Holly Croot, both roles will play a pivotal part in our growth plans for 2023.

At Ghost Enterprises, we are always exploring new technologies and services to benefit and support our clients. A significant focus for this year will be G-HOST, our cloud-based data storage platform. With more businesses looking to connect, collaborate, store and manage their data both in and away from the office, G-HOST gives businesses of all sizes the power to access, store and manage their company data on a completely secure managed server.

Managing Director, Grant Hulley explains “We purchased our remote data centre back in 2020 when we knew that the majority of businesses would need to provide a remote IT infrastructure to keep their staff connected. Since then, we have continued to invest in cloud-based technology, and with us moving over to ultrafast blade servers, we can now provide our clients with the very latest in high-specification technologies and maximum security. We’re excited to share more on G-Host and onboard more of our client base over the coming months.”

As we look ahead to the upcoming year, one business trend that is unlikely to change is the hybrid/remote working format, with that in mind we anticipate that G-Host will be one of our stronger growth areas for 2023. We also have plans in the foundation stage to develop other areas of the business to bring our clients a complete end-to-end IT service.

As always, you’ll be first to hear of our new services and solutions. We thank you all for your continued support of Ghost Enterprises and look forward to working with you over the course of 2023.

– By Holly


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