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A Hosted Infrastructure: What are the benefits?

At Ghost Enterprises we pride ourselves on simplifying IT solutions, we strive to keep things simple and to demystify the world of IT. Many business owners we encounter turn to us for a solution, they understand how they need to work they just need a reliable provider to take ownership of their IT and steer them in a direction that works for their business.

Over recent years the way we do business has changed, more companies are promoting hybrid working and employers understand that you no longer have to be chained to the desk from 9 to 5 to get the job done. But with businesses adapting to a new and modern way of working, could your IT infrastructure benefit from some modernisation too?

Can adopting a hosted IT service model benefit your business?

Moving your infrastructure to a hosted cloud service creates many benefits, and more businesses are moving in this direction in order to streamline their IT procurement and reduce IT spend. As your IT infrastructure is moved to an externally managed cloud server, companies will be able to offload any server-related expenditure along with any associated maintenance and running expense, and with the cost of utilities spiraling across the UK, this alone could lead to significant savings. Overall, moving your IT infrastructure to a hosted service will result in businesses gaining tighter control and better management of their IT budget.

With a hosted IT service, you pay for what you use. As your business grows your IT infrastructure can grow seamlessly with you, if you need access to more data storage it can easily be granted at the click of a button, likewise, permissions can be taken away just as quickly, minimising internal security breaches.

Your entire IT infrastructure will be run using cloud-based applications eliminating the need for manual backups or software updates. These will be actioned directly from the cloud, allowing for an uninterrupted continuation of workflow across your business.

Future-proofing your business

Migrating to a hosted service is something many companies should consider as a way of future-proofing their business plans. When you move your IT infrastructure to a hosted service, you simply take everything that sits on your IT network including but not limited to hardware, software, applications, contact information, CRM systems and emails, and move it all to a managed cloud where an IT provider such as Ghost Enterprises will host and maintain your entire company IT infrastructure as a service to you.

Now, more businesses than ever are relying on a hybrid working format – but workers still need the ability to access their documents when and wherever they need them. Therefore, it’s easier, more accessible, and more efficient to host your IT infrastructure on the cloud. Users can connect to colleagues, applications and access documents through a variety of devices anywhere with an internet connection allowing for increased collaboration across your workforce. Using a cloud-based managed IT service allows for rapid deployment across all areas of your IT infrastructure, you will no longer have to wait for an engineer to physically fix problems or install hardware on your devices, the cloud allows businesses to adapt and change to growing demands without delay.

Leave it to the experts

At Ghost Enterprises we firmly believe that business owners should be able to do what they do best, running their business. Your IT should enhance not hinder your workforce. If you are regularly experiencing downtime as a result of outdated IT systems or you simply want a better more unified way of working, then adopting a cloud-based managed IT service could be the right solution for your business. At Ghost Enterprises, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand their business processes and create bespoke IT solutions that can evolve as your business changes and grows.

Our team of experts are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your IT requirements, we can provide a full IT consultation or just identify areas of the business where significant improvements can be made.

– By Holly


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