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Fulfilling a Virtual Reality Wish for Hospice Patient.

Fulfilling a Virtual Reality Wish for Hospice Patient.

A couple of weeks back, Ghost Enterprises were contacted by local Maldon-based charity The David Randall Foundation and asked if we could assist in fulfilling a hospice patient’s wish. We were honoured to be asked to share in such a personal and private moment and immediately responded knowing we would do all we could to grant the wish. 

The Story…

A gentleman was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospice for end-of-life care. Upon his arrival, it was found that he was interested in all things tech, so the team at the hospice naturally wanted to arrange an experience to reflect his interests – and that’s where Ghost Enterprises were able to help.

The Experience…

As a tech enthusiast we wanted to give the gentleman the opportunity to experience new things in the form of virtual reality. We learned that prior to his illness, he had enjoyed using his VR headset, but was keen to try out a newer kit to discover how technology had improved since he last entered the virtual realm.  

During his virtual reality experience, the gentleman was able to scuba dive in search of Orcas. He also visited the Canary Islands and some old memories, as he had previously holidayed there before his diagnosis, this time the gentleman was able to stand at the edge of a virtual Volcano – so he got a whole new experience this time around. He also took on a flying challenge and flew a spitfire, he especially enjoyed watching the hospice staff whom he had gotten to know so well, try out the virtual reality headsets for themselves. We rounded off the experience by involving him and his carers in virtual reality games.

On Reflection…

After the gentleman’s VR experience, we were once again contacted by the Hospice Head of In-Patient Services, Clare McGuire who shared the team’s thoughts on the whole experience. “We cannot thank you enough for donating your time, expertise, and equipment to enable our patient to have this experience. He was still talking to the nursing staff about this long after you left. On behalf of the whole team and the gentleman himself, thank you for supporting the hospice in this way.”

The whole experience was arranged by Ghost Enterprises’ directors Robyn and Grant Hulley who were humbled and honoured to deliver and share the experience with the patient and the team at St Luke’s Hospice.


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8th July 2024