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Cloud computing – What EVERY business needs to know

What exactly is a cloud-based solution, and how can it work for your business? For the last few years cloud computing has been drastically changing the landscape of how we store, manage and share data. From small and medium businesses to large organisations, companies are all leveraging the use of cloud computing to reduce IT overheads, optimize performance and safeguard vital company data. So, it’s little wonder that by 2025 it is predicted that 100 zettabytes of company data will be stored in the cloud.*

But just how does it work and what are the benefits for businesses?


Security is the overarching reason why most businesses adopt a cloud-based service and rightly so, in most cases, the cloud is infinitely more secure than on-premises data centers primarily because cloud providers continually make significant investments to ensure data protection and use the latest in innovation and the highest specifications to keep your data safe. Your data can also be more tightly managed, with application permissions granted or denied at the touch of a button, ensuring security across your entire network. Data files are automatically backed up when you move to a cloud-based solution and can be restored instantly.

Cost Reduction

IT infrastructure remains one of the largest business overheads, regardless of its size or sector. By adopting a cloud-based solution businesses can reduce infrastructure costs by removing the need for servers and the maintenance of associated equipment. Businesses that move to cloud computing as a way of storing and managing data will inevitably see cost benefits that will increase their profits in the long run. By mitigating the expense of system upgrades and software with automatic updates businesses will not only reduce costs, but they will also significantly reduce staff downtime in the process. In addition to this, one of the largest expenses of running internal servers will undoubtedly be your electricity usage. As the cost of utilities rises this will only become more expensive. A cloud computing strategy eliminates the unnecessary overheads of powering your own infrastructure by removing it to a secure off-site data centre.

Adaptability and Business Continuity

We can’t always predict what’s around the corner (hello 2020) cloud-computing offers rapid deployment of cutting-edge technology across your whole business and grants new users access to the sites and systems they need in minutes whether they are based on-site or working remotely. The largest benefit to cloud-computing is its scalability and adaptability, as workloads increases, companies can invest in additional storage space in the cloud and this can be implemented instantly, meaning you can concentrate on growing your business knowing that your technology is working efficiently and effectively without the need to redesign your infrastructure each and every time.


One of the key benefits of a cloud-based solution is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This allows employees to access emails, software and company data as well as collaborate with colleagues in real-time regardless of geographical location. With businesses now experiencing an increased uptake in business travel, employees needn’t be left out of the loop whilst commuting, a cloud-based solution allows for the continuation of work even without an internet connection, when able, the user can simply connect to the WiFi and all data will be transferred and securely stored.

Streamlined Communication

With a cloud-based solution your business files are centrally located, ensuring that all colleagues are seeing and working on the same document version. Greater visibility of your business documents means improved collaboration, which ultimately means a better response time for your customers. Cloud computing means your colleagues can access everything from their files to emails, to business applications and more from any device when and wherever they need it.

For businesses knowing their data is safe, secure, accessible, and recoverable enables them to focus on what’s important – business growth!

At Ghost Enterprises, we have developed G-Host – our remote cloud hosting service. Our incredibly secure data servers, located in our UK-based data centre, provide safe storage for your businesses data, with backup solutions that can be tailored to your needs. With remote cloud data storage services to suit businesses of all sizes, we can assist with dedicated server storage, managed cloud hosting, security, backup, and data recovery, all built around your business. With the guarantee that our technologies will continue to support the rapidly changing nature of your working environment.

Contact us today to speak to one of our cloud-computing experts.

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– By Holly


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