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Whether you’re launching a new venture or evaluating your current IT Infrastructure, our IT consultancy services provide valuable IT support to businesses. A good IT strategy keeps in balance 2 elements: supporting daily operations and developing your IT Infrastructure to fit your future plans.

Why choose Ghost Enterprises as your IT Consultants?

Our expertise and IT consultancy at the start of the IT planning process save organisations time and money by avoiding costly pitfalls or oversights. By working collaboratively and really taking the time to understand your company’s IT requirements our team of IT experts can formulate an IT and communications strategy that is effective, efficient and designed to enhance every aspect of your business.

We can’t be experts in everything, and at Ghost Enterprises we believe that business owners should be able to do what they do best – running their business! As experienced IT consultants and professionals we work alongside businesses of all sizes to deliver a tailor-made IT strategy. Businesses should think of Ghost Enterprises as their outsourced IT department, our technical team will become an extension of your own and you’ll have peace of mind that should you encounter any technical difficulties a member of our IT helpdesk will always be on hand to provide valuable IT support.

The first step as your IT Strategy Consultants

Our IT support team will work closely with your organisation to audit your current IT Infrastructure, from this audit they can gain better insight into how your business is using its IT systems. Our assessment will lead to our IT experts creating initiatives to streamline IT procurement and develop a scalable IT plan that will fit your business requirements today along with your future plans.

With years of technical experience on our side, we have the in-house expertise to deliver an IT strategy that will improve workplace efficiencies, create stronger workflows, and reduce IT expense long term.

What will an IT audit discover?

An IT audit is the first step in designing an IT strategy, our IT support team will work alongside you to determine how your organisation works, outline its technical weaknesses and highlight where improvements can be made. We offer a no-obligation free IT audit to businesses looking to improve to their IT infrastructure.

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Elements of IT Strategy

An IT Strategy is a detailed roadmap that outlines how technology will be used to achieve both IT and business objectives. This plan serves as a guide for leveraging technology to support your broader business goals. It covers key areas like cost analysis, hardware and software oversight, relationships with vendors, and risk assessment.

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How we can help

When you build a house, the foundation stage is vital to the durability and longevity of the structure. IT strategy is the foundation stage of your commercial IT requirements.

Depending on your business size and sector, establishing a strong IT infrastructure can feel overwhelming. Selecting all the right pieces of the puzzle and making sure they fit and adapt to your business plans is not an easy task.

It’s good to talk… but business communication is now about so much more than just picking up the phone! Internal and external communication has evolved and been forced to adapt in recent years, way beyond the mere ‘telephone call’.

Data is the lifeblood of every business – it’s at the heart of everything you do. It is therefore essential to your business survival to apply appropriate levels of data protection. Knowing your data is safe, secure, accessible and recoverable enables you to focus on your business, with the peace of mind that your data storage won’t skip a beat.

Whether you find yourself in need of planned support or panicked by an emergency, our varied IT support options are ready to overcome any technical challenges.

Defending your business from IT security threats is something that should not be overlooked. The cost, stress, inconvenience and downtime caused by a cyberattack on your company’s computer systems far outweigh any upfront investment in cybersecurity services and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good IT strategy aligns closely with your business goals and objectives. It should be comprehensive yet flexible enough to adapt to market changes and technological advancements. Key elements include a clear understanding of your business needs, a roadmap for technology implementation, and metrics for success. A well-thought-out IT strategy also considers factors like cybersecurity, data management, and scalability. Above all, it should offer a measurable return on investment (ROI) and contribute to the long-term success of your business.

IT Strategy Development is the systematic process of defining and planning how technology can support and drive your business goals. This involves assessing your current IT infrastructure, identifying gaps, and determining what technologies you need to achieve your objectives. The end result is a comprehensive plan that outlines how IT resources will be allocated and managed to align with your business strategy.

An IT strategy framework is a structured model that guides an organisation’s planning, implementation, and management of technology. It serves as a blueprint for aligning IT initiatives with business objectives. Typically, it includes key components such as business alignment, technology assessment, strategic objectives, and action plans. The framework ensures that all IT efforts are cohesive, systematically planned, and in line with the organisation’s goals, making it easier to measure success and make adjustments as needed.


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