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Introducing Copilot

Introducing Microsoft Copilot: The Revolutionary AI-Driven Virtual Assistant.

Now businesses and individuals can achieve more than ever before using AI. With the introduction of Copilot for Microsoft 365, professionals worldwide can experience heightened productivity through innovative tools designed to streamline workflows.

As a Microsoft partner, Ghost Enterprises can now purchase and manage Copilot subscriptions in conjunction with existing 365 licenses. Microsoft Copilot is the new and revolutionary AI-driven personal assistant designed to enhance productivity, automate tasks, and create greater efficiencies and stronger workflows within everyday business operations. 

Integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite, Copilot adapts to your tone of voice to enhance both internal and external communications. It efficiently handles tasks, identifies specific actions needed by analysing Teams and Outlook data, and acts as a powerful tool for generating blogs, and articles, extracting data from stored sources, and creating compelling PowerPoint presentations. This revolutionary tool empowers businesses to achieve more with the aid of AI-driven efficiency.

The benefits of Microsoft Copilot:

Increased productivity: Copilot can help you streamline and automate your processes creating improved workplace efficiencies.

Improved creativity: Copilot can help you generate content, ideas, insights, and more with just a few words or clicks. You can use it to write documents, create presentations, design graphics and compose emails.

Personalised assistance: Copilot is an AI-driven virtual support service that provides personalised assistance in the workplace, helping you automate routine tasks, gather and collect data easier and produce communications in your own style.

User Friendly: Copilot is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It can help you improve your writing style, analyse and explore data, create stunning presentations, streamline your communications, and help you work more effectively with your team.

With Copilot, you’re always in control. You have the authority to decide what to retain, tweak, or dismiss. Elevate your creativity in Word, enhance your analytical prowess in Excel, amplify your expressiveness in PowerPoint, boost productivity in Outlook, and foster collaboration in Teams.

Copilot makes you better at what you’re good at while facilitating the learning of new skills. The user will be able to create documents and full presentations by using just a handful of commands — such as “animate a slide” or “insert a table”, now all that rich functionality has been unlocked for businesses of all sizes and we and we invite our clients to be at the forefront of Generative AI.

We have put the new software through its paces at Ghost HQ and we have to say we’re impressed. Used correctly AI can be a powerful tool for businesses, and Copilot has so many fantastic features that we’d now be lost without it. One feature that has improved our workplace communication is the way that Copilot scans your Teams messages and Outlook, picking out key actions set to you and other individuals, meaning that you can prioritise and follow up on specific work tasks much easier than ever before. The fact that you can type in commands such as ‘attach all invoices sent to XYZ in 2023 to this email’ has also sped up our internal processes. It’s surprising how much time is lost to admin tasks each day, and for that reason alone we can’t sing the praises of Copilot highly enough!  

To learn more about Microsoft Copilot and AI for Automation, please contact us on 01245 208080 or email us on for your free demo.    


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